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About us

Aliplast Aluminium Extrusion NV/SA

Aliplast Aluminium Extrusion is a modern and efficient Belgian extrusion company. Their 60 000 m² surface is located in Lokeren, between Ghent and Antwerp. 
A highly qualified, experienced team and an advanced machine park is available to , a highly qualified, experienced team and an advanced machine park is available to produce annually 25 000 tonnes high-quality aluminium profiles. This at extremely competitive prices.

Aliplast Aluminium Extrusion is looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with international companies from all industrial branches. 

Aliplast Aluminium Extrusion is part of the Corialis-groep:
CORe Innovative ALuminium Integrated Solutions.

CORe Innovative ALuminium Integrated Solutions

Corialis, head office in Lokeren (Belgium) is a group of dynamic companies specialized for more than 30 years in aluminium systems (windows, doors,…) and aluminium extrusions. The group with 2500 employees and about 150 000 tons production capacity on 15 extrusion presses keeps innovating and expanding.
As a fully vertically integrated player, we are active in the extrusion, insulation, coating and distribution of high quality aluminium profiles to thousands of local fabricators and installers throughout Europe. 
In 1984, Corialis was founded as a family-owned company in Lokeren, Belgium. Thanks to our successful vertical integration strategy, Corialis grew from a local family-owned company into a Pan-European leader.
Corialis’ headquarters are located in Lokeren, Belgium. In addition to its production facility and headquarters in Belgium, Corialis has several plants around the world. We refer to our main facilities as ‘Hubs’ which are located in Lokeren (Belgium), Montpellier (France), Fafe (Portugal), Bristol (UK) and Lublin (Poland).